365 Project: July 3

I love these shoes.

Pointy Shoes

Pointy 129/365

365 Project: July 2

A friend and I wanted to have lunch together but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. So we bought some nice cheeses and sourdough bread and met at her house for grilled cheese. It was excellent!

grilled cheese sandwich

Cheesy 128/365

365 Project: July 1

childrens fire truck

Fire 127/365

365 Project: June 30

I went to my cousin’s to help her move today, and when I came home someone was waiting for me at the gate!

dog in fence

Ready 126/365

365 Project: June 29

For work I had to go to Minnapolis, KS today. After I was done I drove around town to see what there was to do. I ran across these old rusty cars sitting behind a building.

Rusty old cars

Rusty 125/365

365 Project: June 28

I took the glass to recycle today, and I took a picture of my truck in the sunset with the recycling bin.

truck in the sunset

Recycle 124/365

365 Project: June 27

In DC we took a trip to see the White House. I bought this awesome button at the gift store!


Button 123/365

365 Project: June 26

While I have been gone my girls have missed me. Baby Girl has licked her paw raw.

Dog paw

Owie 122/365

365 Project: June 25

I flew to DC with a professor and a few students this morning. We decided to go find some lunch and went to a sushi place. I don’t eat fish, especially raw, but I did have chicken and some noodles. They wouldn’t bring us forks, so we had to make due with chopsticks.


Chopsticks 121/365

365 Project: June 24

For the conference I am taking a poster. I couldn’t get it printed until yesterday and picked it up today. The paper that was keeping it rolled up was funny! I think I need to have a talk with the guy that prints my posters about using hearts in the workplace!


Poster 120/365