Day 4: 294 Steps

This morning we left early for Boston. The Doctor decided to go with us because he had the day off and we needed him to drive in the aggressive traffic. When we got there it was 10 degrees warmer than it was back home, and we immediately knew it was going to be a warm day, so The Wife and I made for the coffee shop. We each ordered an iced chi and found a bench to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

women on bench

The Wife and SisterV

After our tasty treat we started walking toward Harvard Square. There we found the Harvard bookstore and a few interesting shops. I bought a bookmark and The Wife bought a book. Next we headed to Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage on a recommendation.


The Doctor & The Wife

I had the Michelle Obama Burger, a “hot and spicy” blue cheese turkey burger. The Doctor had The Mayor Mumbles Minino, and The Wife had a salad (boo).

woman and burger

SisterV and The Michelle Obama

Afterward we went to Harvard University. They wouldn’t let me in…

woman at fence

SisterV locked out

…And The Wife looked all scholarly on campus.

woman on Harvard Campus

The Wife looking scholarly

After a sufficient amount of roaming we hopped back into the car and drove to Bunker Hill (because The Wife and The Doctor are too sissie to walk). We were not much impressed. We were trying to decide collectively if we wanted to climb up into the tower when I got frustrated and just started running up the stairs. Secretly, I don’t think any of us wanted to go. Here you can see The Doctor on stair #10.

man on stairs

The Doctor on the stairs at Bunker Hill

There are 294 stairs. I almost didn’t make it alive. After all the walking the last three days my calves are so tight I thought I might fall back down the stairs. So glad I brought the bottle of water.

woman with water

SisterV with life saving water

We originally had all kinds of plans for Boston, but after the stair climbing, and with all the heat, we decided to head back home. We made a slight detour at an ice cream stand, and then headed back to the house. There I took a nap and The Wife made homemade mac & cheese, which we ate with wine. Mmmm… Back home to Kansas tomorrow. So happy to be going home, but sad to be leaving The Wife. I sure do miss her.

Day 3: Crab Cakes

I woke up this morning and my calves are screaming! These hills are killing me, but at the same time I keep thinking about the great workout I am getting. However, I opted out of the morning dog walk. I The Wife had more walking on the schedule.

V always says that I bring the bad weather with me wherever I go. It was supposed to be 68 in KS today, but 87 here in MA. What?! I bet those Boston marathoners would kill me if they knew I brought the hot weather along. We ended up going to Newport, RI to walk along the cliffs of the ocean, and it was about 15 degrees cooler there.

We drove to Newport, which took us about an hour. The Wife is a nervous driver but did awesome. By the time we got there we were so hungry and cranky. We thought it would be easy to find a place to eat, but it wasn’t and we had a small spat. Finally we found a place that wasn’t too expensive and had crab cakes, which was what I wanted. They were the BEST crab cakes I have ever had. And I had clam chowder, too.

crab cakes

Crab Cakes

After eating we were much happier and took the trolley to the cliff walk along the ocean. We walked all day along the ocean.


SisterV Ocean


Wife Ocean

Finally there was a point where we could go down to the water. I HAD to touch the ocean. It was freezing! We picked up a few rocks to take home.


Freezing Ocean


The Wife picking up rocks

Day 2: “What did you bring back from MA?” “Lyme Disease.”

So, today was the first day of the Touristy Extravaganza wit The Wife. I woke up to whiskers against my mouth and opened my eyes to see the stealthiest dog ever. I never heard him coming. I sure did miss that mutt. We dressed and took him on a mile long walk to get some of his morning energy out. The hills in this place tried to kill me.

We decided after the walk to go to Panera for some brunch. I couldn’t get over the accents of the locals. We had a nice chat about life, family, and everything in general, catching up after a year apart. Then we headed on our first adventure.

We decided to go to Harvard, MA to the Fruitlands Museum, where the father of Louisa May Alcott, Bronson Alcott, tried to create a community that lived off bread and fruits and veggies. It failed. The site later became a museum by Clara Endicott Sears.


The Wife with Sign

We checked out the store then headed down the hill to visit the individual buildings. We were actually pretty disappointed with the art inside, but loved the sculpture outside. This particular sculpture made bird noises as you approached.



As we headed down the hill we found a great rock for some senior photos!

woman on rock

Senior Photo

We then toured the house that Alcott and her parents lived. Outside there was a sundial that neither of us were able to read. We would never make it in the wilderness.



The property has a lot of walking trails on it that all join and point out historical areas in the woods. We decided to try them out. In the first 10 minutes we determined we are not made for the rustic life. Especially when I saw the snake and screamed like a little girl. Soon after we determined we couldn’t read a map and were lost.

lost woman


However, I had a walking stick, which automatically made us great hikers.

woman hiking

Queen of the Trail

After hours of wandering and frustration, we finally found the end of the trail. Exhausted we decided to head back home. However, I really wanted to see the rest of Harvard, so I made The Wife take a detour. She was angered that I was forcing her to stray from the plan until I convinced her to stop at The General Store. There we had bakery treats (A Lemon Cupcake!) and interacted with an annoying clerk. The Wife almost punched him in the face when he responded that she was strange to a comment she directed toward me about how she didn’t like scones. Note to self: Don’t call The Wife strange…

When we got back to the house we had to walk the dog another 2 miles. Whew! Soon The Doctor came home and we ordered in Chinese. As we all showered and got ready for bed I found a tick on my side. The Doctor diagnosed me with Lyme Disease and bid me farewell. It is nice to have such caring friends.

Day 1: Do you get a lot of kisses?

Today I left for Massachusetts to visit my old roommate, The Wife, and her husband, The Doctor. I left in the afternoon right before the big storms hit Kansas. As I was waiting in the Minneapolis airport for my flight to Providence, a man from Boston and his son sat next to me. They said they were visiting Fort Hays State University in Kansas to check out the PT program. He said his wife told him that his son could not attend that university because of the tornado threat. They quizzed me about tornadoes for quite awhile, fascinated with the idea.

As I boarded the plane everyone was staring at me. I couldn’t figure it out. When I got onto the plane the flight attendants commented that they loved my shirt. I remembered that I was wearing my St. Pat’s “Kiss Me I’m A Democrat” T-Shirt. As I walked down the plane isle to the end, over half of the passengers told me that they liked my shirt! It was hilarious and embarrassing. One attendant gave me special attention during the flight and asked me if I got a lot of kisses. I think I am ready to move to RI where people appreciate my political views!