365 Project: June 23

The Captain and I met in Topeka to see each other one last time before he left for work for a few times. We went out into the pasture and barn and found a pile of old license plates.

license plates

License 119/365

365 Project: June 22

For work I am going to a conference in DC and giving a workshop about teleconferencing with my boss. I was looking for pictures to include and decided to take this one of a student talking to a mentor with an iPad. I think it turned out well.

student connecting with iPad

Mentor 118/365

365 Project: June 21

I have been doing some spring cleaning today, and I came across a drawer of bandanas. I am mailing them to a friend in Chicago so she can make a quilt.


Quilt 117/365

365 Project: June 20

Today the Captain and I went to Ft. Riley. He took this picture; I can’t take credit.


Cannon 116/365

365 Project: June 19

My aunt decided to celebrate my half birthday. She knitted me this really pretty scarf.


Birthday 115/365

365 Project: June 17

Today the Captain and I drove to the airport to hang out.

Airport Hanger

Hanger 113/365

365 Project: June 16

Wedding Day! Today is my cousin’s wedding and this is one of the table toppers.


Wedding 112/365

365 Project: June 15

Today was the setting up of the church and rehearsal dinner for my cousin’s wedding. This is the bouquet of bows collected from her bridal showers.

bow bouquet

Bouquet 111/365

365 Project: June 14

Technically I didn’t take this photo. One of my cousins took it. But I think it has great color and shading, so I am posting it.

My cousin is getting married and I told her I am going to wear a hat to her wedding. My realtor found this hat for me and I love it! I wore it to the bachelorette party and it was a hit! I will be wearing it to the wedding.


Hat 110/365

365 Project: June 13

Vista Drive In is one of my favorite places to eat. I usually can’t pass it up any time I am in town!

Vista Drive In

Vista 109/365